D. Bruce Walter -Partner

Bruce lives in Dallas, Texas and has been a Partner with Telesis Partners since September 1997. He is an investor, consultant, and is active in the management of his investments. He has been the CEO/ President of 5 companies. His most resent assignment was President and CEO of MSU Devices, based in Dallas Texas.  Bruce joined MSU in January 2001 when he moved from President of CompuTrac, Inc., a Dallas based Legal Software Company. Prior to that we was Chairman, and CEO of RadioMail Corporation, a San Mateo, California Internet Communications Company. His experience includes 10 years with Grid Systems, a manufacture of portable and handheld computers. Grid was sold to Tandy Corporation in 1988. He was CEO of Grid and following the sales a member of Tandy Executive Management. His experience also includes CEO of Coactive Computing Corp, San Mateo and 12 years with Xerox Corporation.

He is on the Board of 3 companies. His experience is with both private and public companies. With 15 years of sales/ marketing and general management at Xerox and as a CEO  (start-up to 240 million dollars in sales) has both software and hardware experience. Bruce is a graduate of Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania and attended the MBA program at Duquesne University. Bruce has developed a training program for start up management teams. He relates his 25 years of sailing to the challenge of getting a new company launched and establishing leadership position in the marketplace.

“10 rules for Sailing a small sailboat or Managing a start-up ”
Know Where You Want To Go  —  THE VISION
Pick a Seaworthy Boat —  THE COMPANY
Follow a Good Captain  —  THE MANAGEMENT
Crew Only  —  THE TEAM
Do Not Overload the Boa  —  THE PLAN
Do Not Tip the Boat Over  —  THE  MISSION
Keep the Boat Organized  —  WORK THE PLAN
Achieve Forward Momentum  —  SALES
Don’t Oversteer  —  SUCCESS
You Can’t Control the Winds  —  COMPETITION
You Can Change the Sails  —  CHANGE